Who we are ?

Young Social Innovators cum Change Makers

Tubelight Foundation for Social Innovations germinated through a seed of our constant efforts and determination, on July 23, 2021. Boasting a united team of engineers and management professionals with a dedication towards improving the lives of India's unprivileged sections, our areas of work include Rural Development, Rural Education, Healthcare, Environmental, and Governance.

What do we do?

Identify, Innovate and Impact

In a country where extreme contrasts of wealth and poverty coexist in everyday life, we hear hopeful stories of India’s rise and rapid growth. So, our founding members understood that the sheer magnitude of the task ahead would require the collective will, knowledge, and participation of all sectors of society. We are working in many domains together in a movement driven for the betterment of whole communities and to transform India into a more open, equitable, and vibrant democracy. Our solutions are intended to create large-scale change across the country; they begin and end with real people. We believe that the young generation is the key ingredient in the recipe of change because they have the most creative minds. They are capable of working in innovative manners.

About Us:

Old Problems, New Solutions

Tubelight Foundation for Social Innovations is a non-governmental organization, led by a team of talented individuals from technical and management backgrounds. Having the vision to solve the existing problems in society, we are trying to build innovative tools and use them to make the lives of people better. 

Vision & Mission

Underprivileged, Rural, and Social Renovation

We, Tubelight Foundation for Social Innovations, strive to solve modern problems with solutions crafted on the principles of Industry 4.0. We are driven by a collective mission to improve the lives of underprivileged members of society and solve the problems related to Environment, and various other social issues existing in society.