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topless man in grayscale photography
topless man in grayscale photography

Tubelight Foundation for Social Innovations is a non-governmental organization, led by a team of talented individuals from technical and management backgrounds. Having the vision to solve the existing problems in society, we are trying to build innovative tools and use them to make the lives of people better.

boy in green and black button up shirt smiling
boy in green and black button up shirt smiling

06 out of 10 Rural Indian Women

Faces Menstrual Hygiene Problems

08 out of 10 Villages Are

Facing Governance Issues


07 out of 10 Rural Indian Student

Are Not Getting Quality Education

Still, what are we doing....?

We are small, creative team of architectural engineers and interior designers, sharing the belief that great design is built on a foundation of quality and affordability. The design studio is passionately managed by Amanda Pandrige, our main designer who has been expertly curating private residences for over 20 years. Our philosophy is that design can help transform lives.


Project "Drona"

Bridging the gap between rural schools and helpful resources. Currently, have 30+ associates across PAN India, where our volunteers are working hard to renovate them in terms of resources, infrastructure, competitive studies, extracurricular activities, hobbies classes, innovative labs, interesting teaching methodology, mentorship programs, and providing sports facilities.

Project "pakhi"

Providing annual subscription-based sanitary solutions for the rural community of women and girls, services include sanitary pads or menstrual cups, and annual menstrual health support at a very minimal cost. Our team is running this project on a no-loss, no-profit agenda. We are impacted more than 2500+ lives in rural communities through this project and the impact is going on.


Developed an android mobile-based application for the purpose of good governance in rural councils (Gram panchayats). Roshini is helping villages in Bihar to ease their day-to-day official governing work. It's completely free for villagers, our team charges rural councils just an official service fee to run the platform on technical grounds. We implemented this project in Bihar state of India.